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tanyakan alunan katamu   alunan katamu   biarkan aku alunkan kata saat hati berbisik.

Let me whisper a word in your heart.

    #TuesdayNight - Everyday i think about you

    I always feel excited to meet a new friends. I always thinking about him.

    Yes, how is the moment when i meet him?

    I always dreaming about him. He is tall, he look at me like i am really the one, and he have a pretty smile.

    He is not perfect. He is the person who teach about love, fight and worth.

    Why worth it? because life always been worth since you born.

    He is the person who keep telling me…

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    — 1 day ago

    #Dreams  #Harapan  #Puisi  #Refleksi 
    #FridayThought- Don’t call the name of God Carelessly

    You can judging people, but don’t put the name of God above all your problems or their problems.

    I think it is not about what their belief  or where they go to pray. So, don’t bring God into your problems.

    Maybe we are not that perfect because we just a human. So, don’t start judging from what they pray.

    We need God because we belief. If the attitude still not change, it is not because of GOD!


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    — 6 days ago

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    #ThursdayNight - Next Plan

    Okay, i really need GET OUT from my parents house. Now, i understand and I agree with west culture. When you 17th, you must get out and have you own life. Without your parents!

    I’ve been struggling for 8 years to get out from this house. Yes, i never can be a friend with my parents, especially with my Mom. With all the attitude, i think it’s enough for me. I love my Mom. I know she is not…

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    — 6 days ago

    #cuman coretan  #Refleksi 
    #beforeIForget- in the bus TJ

    Kejadian di bus hari ini:

    Ada seorang ibu hamil gede masuk ke bagian cowok. Nah, disitu gue otomatis bantuin dia nyari bangku kan. Gue sapalah bapak2 di depan mata gue. Biasanya cukup kode pak, ini ada wanita hamil, akan bergerak berdiri dan kasih duduk. Tapi ini malah nanya balik, iya, terus kenapa? Gue bilang iya minta tlg duduk buat dia. Lagi hamil. Terus dia malah pelototin gue dan si ibu…

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    — 2 weeks ago

    #Tuesday - How I Met your Mother

    Okey, i finally finished watch this series. When the first time i knew about how is gonna end, i’m mad. I hated the writers so bad. But after i watching this movie, i realized one thing. This is the love tv story. They still in the plot. Meet, they separated and back together. If they don’t make like that, they will be not a emotional in there.

    And it’s so funny when i read the comments about…

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    — 2 weeks ago

    #HIMYM  #thoughts 
    #NightThoughts - The long ways

    #NightThoughts – The long ways

    I’ve been thinking for the long time about what i want to be. It’s a same things since i was a little girl.

    I still remembered that time when i wrote a letter for a competition. I didn’t won that time and i almost gave up.

    Time flies away. And when i was writing on the blog for the first time, my mind keep telling me what i should to do.

    But again, i trapped in the scary things.i did really…

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    — 3 weeks ago

    #MorningThoughts - Remember this Dream

    #MorningThoughts – Remember this Dream

    Maybe my dream life is full of romantic stories. Silly. But, sometimes that make me feel more alive. Even it just a dream. Maybe someday it will become a reality. I just don’t know when. But what i know now is a faith. I believe in what i always believe. Even people said it is possible, but it will never stopped me to believe.

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    — 1 month ago

    #FridayNight - Thinking

    #FridayNight – Thinking

    Maybe, you will never realize until it happened to you.

    And it was happened to me.

    Some people said, i really suit to be a writer. They like to support me.

    Some of them asked me why i’m not become a DJ on Radio Station. (Well, i hope that too)

    Some people said, i have a greatest smile. They look me like i never have a problems. (which is they were wrong)

    Some of them asked me what i always dream…

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    — 1 month ago

    #cuman coretan  #Harapan 
    #Sunday - The Reason I should Be Blessed for My Life

    I never thought before that i will write about this. But, my heart said, i must write this. This is to remind me about how precious my life.

    1. I born in the ‘broken’ family. From that, i can learn how to find a true love. I believe when you love someone, you will ‘fight’ to make it work. No matter how hard is that.

    2. I born to be a women. Sometimes, i’m curious, if i born to be a man, how it’s…

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    — 1 month ago

    #FromWorkspace – Be Happy is hard? Really?View Post

    #FromWorkspace – Be Happy is hard? Really?

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    — 1 month ago